Health tracking tool

I’ve taken on another project before finishing the others! I’ve come to need to keep track of ¬†weight and blood pressure so I see the need for a database, a page, something I can post to or see, so I’ve started throwing together a basic tool for my own use. It’s at and currently just has what looks like a login page with no code behind it, and a blood pressure entry page which would call a REST service if that service existed. I’m using Dojo Toolkit which is pretty and functional, but the delay in drawing is noticeable.

I’m the kind of person that finds understanding things and graphing them useful. Maybe it’s the engineering background, or the thing that pushed me towards an engineering background. When I had cancer the progress of my treatment could be monitored using blood tests. The result, when plotted on a logarithmic scale, gave a nice straight line heading down towards “Cured”. It was helpful for me to see that line. I’ve since cleaned out my computer and no longer have it. I’d hope not to be in that situation again, but if I do I can see the use for me for a tracking tool.

There is a lot that can be tracked, as well as the obvious things I could add things like “miles cycled”, “time to get up the local big hill”, “Sun Salutes done”, “sweeties eaten”. As long as I don’t end up recording too much!

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