Right handed cameras, and St John Disability Awareness

Attempt to use a camera with only left hand

The St John meeting tonight covered the effects of disability as part of a series on strokes. One of the things we did was try to eat beans on toast with one hand in a sling. I take photographs for my division as part of a record of their activities for the year, and chose for this activity to keep only my left hand available.

The camera proved fiddly, as can be seen in this photo. The photo was taken in a wash room mirror and has been mirrored again to make it appear normal here. I think these cameras are intended for right hand use. If you are left handed then you’ll still learn the controls as they are, but it is much easier to operate with only your right hand than only your left.

The toast challenge was not such a problem. I was able to butter it while holding it in my teeth, then just picked it up with the beans on to eat it.

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