Something’s eaten my .htaccess

Short links are/were configured to use nice sensible names. For example the link for this article would be ‎

To achieve this I had to create a .htaccess file, overriding the file put in place by my ISP. I don’t have access to check it here, but I guess that my ISP has replaced my file with their own in the night. Currently permalinks don’t work.

I could turn off nice permalinks. I could try setting the .htaccess file immutable to at least hinder any script that tries to replace it. I did make some changes in my ISP’s control panel which may have caused this, so I’ll try undoing those changes. This will have to be later. Currently my only SSH access is via my phone!

I have set Permalinks to the default pattern. Do not consider them as permanent at the moment. I’d like to try setting them back.


It has survived overnight, so looks good.

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