ArgyllCMS, Linux and PA246Q

I tried setting up the monitor calibration under Linux using ArgyllCMS and the Spyder3. I was unable to do this with my previous monitor because it could not reach the black point that Argyll was trying for. This monitor reached the default black point with ease, so I lowered the target black point to 0.3cd/m². The target white point was set to 90cd/m² and 5000K. The monitor was set to User Mode and the RGB gain controls set to provide the initial white point. The Brightness was set to 0.

To put big doubt on this, it seems that Gnome3 does not render the colour patch window at 100% opacity. A noticeable bit of whatever is behind it shows through. This process cannot work reliably in Gnome 3!

The resultant curves are below:

Subjectively it looks good. Unfortunately Ubuntu’s colour management tool does not seem to see the monitor, never mind accept profiles for it. I am also unable to view the profiles that have been generated. Apparently this is due to the NVidia proprietry driver, so my next card will likely be an ATI. I’ll try to find one with 10 bit support and Display Port, though it seems there is a premium for that.

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