PA246Q and Spyder3 – Calibrated OK?

Some photographs that have been on the nursery wall have recently been returned to me, so it gives me a chance to check against the original files.

These photos were printed by DS Colour Labs some 6 months ago. The monitor is an Asus PA246Q calibrated with Spyder3.

It is 8am here, so the lighting conditions in this room will be changing fairly rapidly. Perhaps that is my first mistake. I’ve just looked again and things look quite reasonable. I usually edit in a dark room.

My question is – am I doing something wrong? Am I expecting too much? Have I just wasted a load of money and should have bought the NEC instead? The photos look great on screen, and great on paper. Is that enough even if skin tones and wood tones slightly differ? Can they ever match given that paper is paper and a monitor is a monitor?

Click white was used on all photos.


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