Something strange happening with the Garmin Edge 510

  • Garmin’s route planner predicted a 22.17 mile ride.
  • Strava reports a ride distance of 22.4 miles.
  • The Garmin Edge reports 20.48 miles,  nearly 10% down!

The plot above shows the recorded speed versus time according to Strava. The plot on Garmin Connect looks a lot smoother.  I didn’t notice the speed reading flickering this time. I sometimes notice it dropping then recovering when I ride, but there is evidence that the display on the Edge shows a slightly smoothed speed reading.

So is it a steady error that Strava is correcting by inserting periodic large corrections, or does the recorded speed and therefore distance on the Garmin contain these drop-outs?  I am using the speed/cadence sensor.

The mobile phone was connected and it’s following a course. Is there chance the Garmin could be dropping interrupts?

The wheel size is calibrated automatically. Could there be a large error for some reason? Could change in tyre pressure do it?

3 thoughts on “Something strange happening with the Garmin Edge 510

  1. I’ve raised a ticket with Strava asking if they can help tell what happened.

    I’ve tried unsuccessfully to raise a ticket with Garmin. Their support web site refused to allow me to select my product, even though it shows my product as registered when I look. When I try to select a product manually I get a lovely Java stack trace from their web server.

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