Garmin Etrex 30 for geocaching

This is something that did work well. I’ll have to add a full write up later, and do some more experimentation on features for setting geocaches such as waypoint averaging and the Chirp integration.

For geocaching itself:

  • The display of nearest geocache is nice. my 8 year old son really enjoyed sitting in the car with this on, calling out the locations of passing geocaches as we drove past. “There’s one 100m that way Dad!” In the screen shot I’m navigating to a cache, hence the purple line. When not navigating it just shows nearest unfound.

  • I’d hoped that I could plot a route via geocaches in order to do the Gruffalo Series in our local woods. This didn’t work. You have to “Go To” each geocache in turn in order for “Show Geocache” to give you the description, hint and logging menus.
  • Logging works well enough.
  • The little geocache app works well on the map page giving compass, range and map.
  • A real map is useful to give more context about local paths and routing options. “There’s no need to charge through that thick undergrowth”

We ran out of light before we ran out of geocaches. The Etrex battery lasted well even with the backlight set to be permanently on to help the kids. We then went and geocached some more the next day.

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