Cub Scouts Photography Badge – Camera Settings

This is a placeholder page for James to record what he has learned about camera settings for his photography badge. James will need to replace this text when he has completed the requirements. It is hoped that by editing this site he also works towards his Digital Creator badge.

The tasks here are based around my micro-four-thirds system camera. They apply to any camera which offers the “PASM” manual/semi-manual modes, though numbers will differ depending on sensor size.

Focal Length or “Zoom”

Using Zoom to get closer

James – Find a landscape subject with some detail such as a building or tree. From one camera position take two photos, one at wide angle, one telephoto. Show how this affects the result.

Using Zoom to change perspective

James – Set the camera to auto and take a portrait with the lens zoomed out as far as possible. Compose for head and shoulders. Then zoom the camera in and move the camera backwards to achieve the same composition. Compare the two images.

Alternatively find a subject with strong lines such as the cycle path. Take and compare the two photos.


Set the camera to Aperture Priority mode. Take two portraits, one at f/1.8 and one at f/8. Compare the two images.

Shutter Speed

Set the camera to Shutter Priority mode. Take a moving subject for example a cyclist at high and low speeds, for example 1/20 and 1/1000 depending on available light.

Alternatively find flowing water and take at 1/20 and 1/1000 and compare. Use of a neutral density filter may help.

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