Someone came back to my CQ on 40m

Someone came back to my CQ on 40m. I got the start of it but it rapidly faded. With the washing machine going next room and all sorts I have to ask myself “is there Morse in here?”

Listening back on PC I think not. I didn’t think to press record until after the first couple of rounds so miss the recording of the bit I could have perhaps used to extract the callsign.

Thanks for whoever came back, but it seems not to be. If you can contact me by email or here I’d be interested though.

My Morse is coming on. If I relax I can copy and get names and locations. I’m getting better at callsigns all the time. I had a go at teaching Cub Scouts on Monday and was able to understand their low speed “transmissions” easily. They used a practice oscillator but I wonder if for Jamboree on the Air they could have success on real radio with Morse and a patient operator. They really enjoyed using the key and also that they could send to me without me seeing what they’d written and I was able to speak it back to them. So it worked! They knew they’d got it right.

The CWOps training is helping me, and it’s great that operators I’ve contacted have been very friendly. I’ve talked to a few by email and will be exchanging antenna notes when my 12m mast arrives.

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