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Software developer / technical architect currently working in the financial sector. Experience of data warehousing and engineering sectors. Currently working with Java and Dot-Net technologies.

Trained as an engineer specialising in control theory, communications and electronics. Bits of engineering keep leaking out in my hobbies!

Amateur radio operator, callsign M0RJC. St John Ambulance Cycle Responder. Technical Director for a local amateur dramatic group. Father of one (soon to be three!).

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  1. Henry Forman says:

    Hey M0rjc,
    Speaking of which, I did a lab where we combined water and glycerol in a calorimeter and measured the initial temp and then the temp after 5 min. I did the same with ethanol and water. My prediction was that glycerol and water would let off the most heat, causing it to have a greater increase of temp; because of the greater chance of h-bonding. However ethanol and water had a greater temp increase. Why?
    Keep up the posts!

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